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A turnkey winery and vineyard located in the Lewis-Clark AVA. Lindsay Creek Vineyards was established in 2007 and offers a 15,000-square-foot production facility sitting on 20-acres of land with half an acre of grapes currently growing including riesling, cabernet franc, cabernet sauvignon, merlot, and tempranillo. The property offers the highest quality wine production facility for winemakers and farmers looking to expand their production or break into a new AVA region, or for wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs wanting to invest in a new business. Production equipment includes tank and fermenters, wine bottle filler, barrels, distillation stills, grape processing and crush facility. An additional event space and tasting room offers spectacular views of the Lewis-Clark Valley where various private events and weddings are hosted each year. Wine is sold online, distributed wholesale and through an active wine club. Additional business information available to interested buyers. Offered at: $3,000,000

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About Lewis-Clark Valley AVA

The Lewis Clark Valley AVA is the newest American Viticultural Area located in Idaho and Washington, making it the second in Idaho, alongside the Snake River Valley AVA. With its steep river canyons and near perfect plateaus, this particular AVA is able to claim the lowest elevation vineyards in the state of Idaho at just 950 feet and is composed of 479 square miles, ranging approximately 307,000 acres. About 72% (219,838 acres) are located in Idaho, with the rest in Washington, and is  currently home to 9 wineries and 16 vineyards growing 20 varietals.

Known as the “banana belt” of Idaho, the Lewis-Clark Valley offers a temperate climate within the colder surrounding regions to produce high quality fruit trees, table and wine grapes. The steep v-shaped valleys allow for good air drainage and provide frost protection and cool night temperatures for acid retention and flavor development; this AVA is home to the lowest elevation vineyards in the state of Idaho.

The same growing quality that has been seen throughout decades of growing in Washington State and parts of Oregon is seen in Lewiston, ID with the majority of soils contain loess, or wind-deposited nutrient-rich silt.

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